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Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette Louisiana — Part 13!

In part 12 we find Hal Dingledorfer has made his way back up to the highway after being thrown down an embankment due to his truck exploding.  At this point Hal still is unsure what has happened or why his truck exploded. 

Are we at war Hal wonders? Was it terrorists, or space aliens? It’s all still a mystery to Hal.

Later he would find out it was a meteorite that exploded far above in the atmosphere, the tiny fragments that struck Hal’s truck near the fuel tank caused Hal’s truck to go up in an impressive explosion.

That explosion miraculously, as we learned previously, threw Hal down an embankment that certainty saved his life, but he is injured and in shock.

As Hal stares at his truck he notices that the herd of cows that prior to the explosion were congregating on both sides of the highway have headed away into a farmer’s field, Hal quickly dismisses the cows from his mind and concentrates on finding help.

Hal crosses over to the other side of the highway as his truck continues to burn and she tarts walking north.

Hal then sees a few minutes later after walking a few hundred yards in the distance a number of vehicle lights heading south as the storm has lessened to the point that drivers begin to venture back on the highway.

Previously the storm was so intense all drivers, including fellow truckers, had pulled over on the side of the highway to wait for the rain storm to pass. Hal now wishes he had waited along the side of the highway with the other drivers so as to avoid the mess he finds himself in.

One of the first vehicles to make it close to Hal is another trucker and he sees Hal’s truck burning along with other bits and pieces of the truck littering the highway, he wisely pulls over in the emergency lane as Hal did less than 15 minutes ago when the highway was jammed packed with a herd of cattle that had escaped their enclosure.

Hal begins to yell to this driver to capture his attention, the trucker, Big Ben Jonson sees Hal making his way over and Hal is a sight.

Hal’s clothing is shredded, he is bleeding and he looks like a refuge who has just been bombed out of house and home.

Big Ben shouts, “Hey buddy are you ok?”  Hal draws closer to Big Ben and suddenly stumbles and falls to the ground.

We will pick up our account in our next post to see what happen next, don’t miss this episode as we draw close to the conclusion of our story about the unlucky Hal Dingledorfer.

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