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Pay Close Attention to Your Lake Charles Home Insurance Coverage – It’s More Complicated Than You Might Think!

In a previous article we discussed why it is important to pay careful attention to your policy so you understand what is covered, and more importantly what is not covered.

The very first step you should take is to read your policy thoroughly.  The policy itself is often referred to as the insuring agreement.

The homeowners insuring agreement is broken down into different sections.  Section one covers the structure of your home, detached structures, and your individual personal property such as furniture, clothing, appliances, electronics, etc.

We will consider the property sections as an outline in this article and in the next article we will discuss liability protection and loss of use in the event your property becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss. 

Property Sections of the Typical Lake Charles Home Insurance Policy:

Coverage A Dwelling Protection – 1. Your dwelling including attached structures. Structures connected to your dwelling by only a fence, utility line, or similar connection are not considered attached structures. 2. Construction materials and supplies at the residence premises for use in connection with your dwelling. 3. Wall-to-wall carpeting fastened to your dwelling.

Coverage B Other Structures Protection – Structures at the address shown on the Policy Declarations separated from your dwelling by clear space. 2. Structures attached to your dwelling by only a fence, utility line, or similar connection. Construction materials and supplies at the address of the residence premises for use in connection with structures other than your dwelling. 4. Wall-to-wall carpeting fastened to other building structures.

Coverage C Personal Property Protection – Personal property owned or used by an insured person anywhere in the world. When personal property is located at a residence other than the residence premises, coverage is limited to 10% of Coverage C Personal Property Protection. This limitation does not apply to personal property in a newly acquired principal residence for the 30 days immediately after you begin to move property there or to personal property in student dormitory, fraternity or sorority housing.

If you examine your declarations page you will notice a specific amount of insurance protection is outlined for each coverage. 

For example if your coverage A = $290,000 your Coverage B might be $29,000 and your coverage C might be $218,680.

The total amount of protection under your Lake Charles Homeowners Insurance Policy would be up to $537,680 in this instance.

In our next article we will consider the remaining sections of the Lake Charles Homeowners Insurance Policy. Have a question?  Do not hesitate to call us!

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