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Business Insurance for Garages LouisianaShopping for Commercial Garage Insurance in Louisiana?

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Will your garage liability policy cover you for every claims event?

Are Employment Injuries Covered by Your Louisiana General Liability Insurance?

In a previous article we discussed how an injury to Steve, the oil pit technician, was caused by Jerry Shortcut a fellow employee working for Henderson’s Garage.

Jerry Shortcut was in a hurry to go on a break and he accidentally ran over Steve’s left hand crushing it as he was pulling a car into the garage. Regrettably Steve becomes permanently disabled due to this injury.

Steve hires an attorney to sue Henderson’s Garage for unsafe working conditions and Jerry Shortcut’s incompetence.

Will the Henderson’s garage insurance policy provide coverage for this million dollar lawsuit?

Exclusions of Coverage for Louisiana Garage Insurance Policies.

Typically work-related injuries are covered by workers compensation insurance policies, not Garage General Liability policies.

Please note how this exclusion reads in one General Liability Policy specific to an employees work duties:


 This insurance does not apply to:

Employer’s Liability

 “Bodily injury” to: (1) An “employee” of the insured arising out of and in the course of: (a) Employment by the insured; or (b) Performing duties related to the conduct of the insured’s business;

Because Steve’s injury occurred at his place of employment by a fellow employee the Louisiana general liability insurance policy likely will not provide coverage for this unfortunate injury.

In contrast workers compensation insurance is designed to care for an employee’s work-related injury and it can pay the workers medical costs, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and any settlement due to a permanent disability.

What if Henderson Garage failed to purchase workers compensation insurance? Would the general liability insurance kicks in at that point?

No. The general liability insurance policy again was never intended to cover work-related injuries or accidents to fellow employees and would not apply if workers compensation insurance was absent.

What if the injury occurred to a customer?

That would be a different story.  Coverage could apply if a customer was injured due to the actions of an employee.

Commercial Garage Insurance Louisiana – It’s Very Complicated!

Because of the complexities of business insurance it’s important to work with an agency that will take time to review your individual needs when you’re shopping for auto body repair insurance for garages in Louisiana.

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