Baton Rouge Dump Truck Insurance.

Baton Rouge Dump Truck Insurance – Same Day Coverage.

Baton Rouge Dump Truck InsuranceShopping for the best rates on Dump Truck Insurance in Baton Rouge or the nearby areas?

It’s a royal pain to shop for Dump Truck Insurance in Louisiana because there are so few companies willing to insure commercial trucks used in dumping even if you have a spotless record and no claims.

Fortunately we at Jeff Davis Insurance have access to the companies you need no matter if you are a new or well established company with years of experience.

Call us today at 337-824-4455 to speak with one of our commercial truck specialists, we are available by phone until 4:30 PM CST during the workweek.

Baton Rouge Dump Truck Insurance – Pick the Right Coverage.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to pick the right amount of Insurance coverage from the beginning term of your policy.

Of course Baton Rouge Dump Truck Insurance is not cheap but it can keep you in business for the long run in case of a big claim.

Let’s learn how picking the wrong amount of coverage can lead you to big financial trouble in a completely fictitious account we made up to illustrate an important object lesson.

Dump Truck Insurance Baton Rouge – Did This Owner Buy Enough?

Tightwad Terry Allain is tired of working for his boss and decides to buy his own dump truck from Billy Byrd who is retiring from the dump business and moving to the mountains of Tennessee. 

Terry can’t quit working for his current company until he can get enough business on the side so he signs up with a Trucking Broker who promises Terry lots of business on the weekends.

The broker asks Terry for a copy of his $1,000,000 commercial auto policy and Terry completely forgot to get insurance on his used truck he paid $29,000 cash for.

Terry, naturally wants the best bang for his buck on the Insurance so he decides to call every insurance company selling Dump Truck Insurance in Baton Rouge.

After spending 10 hours on the phone with a number of Louisiana Dump Truck Insurance Companies and agents he only found 10 agents willing to give him a quote because he is a new business venture.

Terry is quite aghast to learn how much dump truck insurance will cost so he picks the company with the cheapest rates, makes his down payment, sends a copy of the insurance to the Trucking Broker, then promptly calls the insurance company back and lowers his coverage to the state minimum and removes collision coverage to save money.

He decides once he starts making money he’ll increase the coverage later.

Tune in to our next post as we continue our story about Tightwad Terry Allain to learn what happens next.

Dump Truck Insurance Baton Rouge – Great Rates all Right Now!

When you’re looking for the best rates on Dump Truck Insurance in Baton Rouge Louisiana and the surrounding areas contact Jeff Davis Insurance by calling 337-824-4455.

Our agents are standing by Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Central Standard Time.

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