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Metairie Terrace Tow Truck InsuranceAre you looking for Tow Truck Insurance in Metairie Terrace or the nearby areas? If so then your search is over. The agents at Jeff Davis Insurance are standing by to help you with your insurance needs.

As a leading independent insurance agency, Jeff Davis Insurance has the knowledge and know-how to find your company some of the best rates and coverage for Metairie Terrace Louisiana Tow Truck Insurance.

Jeff Davis Insurance can provide great insurance options for towing operations of all forms, including towing as part of a repair garage, car dealership, or dedicated towing service.

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Tow Truck Insurance Metairie Terrace – Have You Read Your Policy Recently? 

Chances are good you have purchased some kind of insurance before, such as car insurance or homeowners insurance. When your policy arrived in the mail did you read it? 

If not, you are not alone. Many insurance buyers do not give their insurance policies much thought, but such an indifferent attitude toward your insurance coverage, especially your business insurance coverage, can be hazardous to your financial health because of those pesky exclusions of coverage we have mentioned before in past articles.

The only sure fire way to make yourself aware of the exclusions in your insurance coverage is to read your policy very carefully! 

Tow Truck Insurance Metairie Terrace – Claims Scenario 

In our last article we learned how “Tightwad” Timmy Tomkins suffered a serious financial loss because of an exclusion of coverage that he was not aware of. He assumed that his policy protected his trucks from collision with an animal but it turned out that that wasn’t the case. 

We then posed this follow-up question: Since a personal automobile insurance policy would have covered a claim due to collision with an animal such as a deer, why is damage caused by an animal not listed on “Tightwad” Timmy’s insurance policy? 

The answer is simple, and an important lesson to learn and be aware of: though there are often similarities, insurance coverage can differ from company to company. 

For instance, what is excluded by one company may be covered by another company.  

Last week we learned that “Tightwad” Timmy Tomkins’ policy excluded coverage for the accident his driver had when he hit a deer. 

But did you know that if he were insured with a different company, their “Specified Causes of Loss” would have covered the deer accident? 

Notice the policy language with Company B: 


Subject to the Limits of Liability, if you pay the premium for Specified Causes of Loss Coverage we will pay for loss to your insured auto and its permanently attached equipment caused by: 

1. fire, lightning or explosion;

2. theft;

3. windstorm or hail;

4. earthquake;

5. flood or rising water;

6. malicious mischief or vandalism;

7. the stranding, sinking, burning, collision, or derailment of any conveyance in or upon which your insured auto is being transported; or

8. collision with a bird or animal. 

If only “Tightwad” Timmy Tomkins had been covered by Company B! 

The differences in policy language can be subtle. How do you guard yourself against overlooking something like this? The only way is to read your insurance policy very carefully.

Tow Truck Insurance Metairie Terrace – Call Today!  

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