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Lafayette Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette – Coverage Scenario Part 21

Over the course of the last few months we’ve been telling the tale of two towing company owners named Rick and Nick.

Rick and Nick have been friends all their lives, both used to be tow truck drivers, and both went on to start their own towing businesses.

At one point, Rick and Nick also both bought Louisiana Commercial Auto Insurance coverage for their trucks through the same insurance company, but Rick eventually switched his coverage to a new provider for a discounted rate.

When he did so, he assumed the coverage he was switching to was the same as the policy he had had before.

A short time later, one of Rick’s tow truck drivers got into a serious auto accident while on the job when he ran into a deer. Just a day or so before that, one of Nick’s tow truck drivers also ran into a deer and wound up in a bad accident.

Nick’s commercial auto insurance policy covered the damage caused by the collision, but Rick’s did not, and, last time, we learned the reason why: the first policy Nick and Rick had provided coverage for collision with animals, but the policy Rick switched to does not.

So, what is the lesson we can learn from this situation? No two policies from different insurance companies are exactly alike, so you need to read your policy carefully to understand what is and is not covered when you purchase a new policy.

Choosing a policy based on price alone can lead you to choosing coverage that is insufficient for the needs of your business. If Rick had been more careful about understanding the subtle differences between his old policy and the policy he was switching to, he might have decided to stick with the insurance he already had.

And even if he didn’t, at least he would have been aware of the fact that his new policy would not cover animal collisions. He could have used that knowledge to make sure his drivers were being cautious during seasons when animal-related car accidents are more common.

So, always read your policy carefully and don’t expect your coverage to remain exactly the same when switching between companies based solely on price.

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