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Kenner Corner Store Insurance – Coverage Scenario Summary Part 2

Last week we began to summarize and index our latest multi-week coverage scenario focused on crime insurance and employee theft coverage. Here is Part 2 of that summary:

Part 8: Louisiana Gas Station Insurance – Tracy informs Pete that his policy only covers his money when it’s stolen on the bank premises, his house, or while he’s traveling between any of those locations. By stopping at the gas station, he nullified his coverage.

Part 9: Gas Station Insurance Louisiana – Introduction of Rob Hayes, owner of Stop n’ Rob’s corner store, which is the gas station that was robbed while Pete was there. The thieves stole over $3,500, but it was reimbursed by Rob’s crime policy.

Part 10: Convenience Store Insurance La – The following question is posed: As far as a crime endorsement is concerned, is there an appreciable difference between having $20,000 stolen from your gas station register at gunpoint and having $20,000 stolen from your gas station slowly over the course of a long period of time by one of your employees?

Part 11: Baton Rouge Gas Station Insurance – We are introduced to Chad, Rob’s employee who has been secretly stealing money from Rob over the course of several years.

Part 12: Gas Station Insurance Baton Rouge – We explain the special promotion Rob runs in his establishment  that offers up to a $5.00 discount on any food item in the store for people who have donated to a local charity Rob supports. Chad takes advantage of this promotion to begin stealing small amounts of money from the cash register each day.

Part 13: Gas Station Insurance in Baton Rouge – It is revealed that Chad has a friend who works at the charity Rob is trying to support through his promotion. Chad’s friend provides Chad with a short list of names of recent donators to the charity so that Chad can use the names to fake donation cards at Rob’s store.

Part 14: Baton Rouge LA Gas Station Insurance – Doing the math on Chad’s slow, piece-by-piece approach to crime reveals that Chad has stolen something close to $21,000 over the course of his employment at Rob’s store.

Look for parts 15 through 21 in next week’s article.

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