Louisiana Convenience Store Insurance

Louisiana Convenience Store Insurance is Now More Affordable Than Ever!

Louisiana Convenience Store Insurance

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Insurance for Convenience Stores Louisiana – Recap

In our last entry, Pete called up his insurance agent Tracy the morning after the gas station robbery he witnessed.

Naturally, Tracy was shocked to hear about what he had experienced, including the part where he had his deposit money stolen from him.

After relaying all of the details, Pete has a couple of important questions for Tracy about whether the theft of his restaurant’s deposit will be covered and by whom.

Let’s jump back into the story to address those questions.

Louisiana Gas Station Insurance – Insurance Scenario Part 5

The first question Tracy is trying to find Pete an answer for is: will the gas station’s insurance policy cover the theft of Pete’s deposit money?

She calls the gas station owners’ insurance company and speaks with one of the underwriters there.

The underwriter informs Tracy that, while the gas station owners do have a Crime Insurance policy endorsement on their Louisiana Gas Station Insurance Policy, the endorsement does not reimburse the theft of a customer’s property while inside the establishment.

Tracy expected this to be the case, but wanted to find out for sure just in case.

Since the answer to Pete’s first question was “no,” then Tracy’s next task is to answer Pete’s second question: if it is not covered by the gas station’s policy, then will his restaurant’s insurance policy cover the theft of my deposit money?”

Convenience Store Insurance in Louisiana – Find Out About Our New Low Rates!

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