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Great rates for Car & Homeowners Insurance in Lafayette Louisiana and the surrounding areas are One Call or Click Away

Homeowner Insurance Lafayette LaJeff Davis Insurance is a leading independent agency in Lafayette Louisiana serving the needs of Louisiana homeowners for more than 50 years! 

Call us at 337-824-4455 or for an instant rate quote in five minutes or less for car or home insurance click on homeowners insurance Lafayette La

Good Prices on Insurance are Important but Service Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors!

Every company or insurance agent in Lafayette Louisiana claims they offer great service. What do you suppose most people consider great service?  Returning telephone calls and answering questions? 

We believe great service is far more than returning calls and answering questions. 

The Jeff Davis Insurance Agency offers 4 unique services you will not find in combination with any other insurance agency in Lafayette Louisiana! 

Unique Services Only Available through Jeff Davis Insurance.

We offer the JDI Coverage Checklist the JDI Insurance Protection Letter, an Automatic Re-Shopping Service + our most important service: the JDI Claims Advocacy Program.

How do these individual services benefit you if you decide to choose us for your insurance needs?

  • The JDI Coverage Checklist helps our agency to discover potential coverage gaps you might not be aware of. 
  • The JDI Insurance Protection Letter is our monthly newsletter emailed to our policyholders in which we discuss insurance claim scenarios that could lead to claim denials. 
  • We will shop the market for you by means of our Automatic Re-Shopping Service when you receive a rate increase of 10% or more when you are insured with our agency. 
  • The JDI Claims Advocacy Program is a claims resolution service we offer to policyholders whereas we will negotiate in your behalf for property damage disputes.    

Example of Our Claims Advocacy Program

Your personal vehicle is totaled by a teenager who was texting and driving. The teen driver’s insurance company lowballs the claim settlement offer by $1500.

Because you are insured with our agency you call us and we begin direct negotiations with the insurance company in question to secure a higher payout.  After several days of negotiations the company agrees to pay an additional $1500 to you!

This exact same situation actually happened to a policyholder and an additional $5000 was secured by means of the Claims Advocacy Program!

Click on the JDI Claims Advocate to learn more about this important service only available to active client of our agency.

Would you not want an agency like this that stands up for their clients?

Call Us Today When You Need Homeowners Insurance in Lafayette Louisiana!

The professionals at the Jeff Davis Insurance agency can provide the insurance solutions you need at a price you can afford.

Call us today at 337-824-4455 or click on the below links for online quotes on any of the following: 


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