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Restaurant Insurance Shreveport – Story Recap 

In the last two articles we took a break from Pete and his restaurant, and instead followed the side story of a dump truck driver named Chuck.

After having far too much to drink, Chuck managed to exit the bar, get into his enormous dump truck, start the engine, drive up the road, and ultimately crash directly into the side of… you guessed it… Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium! 

We left poor Pete standing in shock amidst another disaster. Chuck’s truck now sits inside Pete’s restaurant.

Shreveport Business Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 17 

 After a few minutes of stunned silence, Pete calls Tracy, his agent, only to receive her voicemail.

“It’s a Saturday,” Pete remembers. “She’s not in the office!”

Pete then recalls that he has Tracy’s cell number, so he dials away. 

Tracy picks up the phone. 


“Hi, Tracy. It’s Pete.” 

Tracy can tell by Pete’s hollow tone that something terrible has happened to his business yet again. 

“Oh no. What happened this time?” 

Pete explains the scene as best he can. He tells her about the dump truck, the size of the hole it made in his restaurant, the damage to the dining room interior, the rubble and debris strewn every which way, and the unconscious dump truck driver being hauled away on a stretcher. 

“I think I need to file another claim, Tracy,” Pete states as a piece of the ceiling tile crashes to the floor at Pete’s feet. 

“Oh my, Pete,” Tracy responds, “let’s think about this for a second. There might be a chance that the dump truck driver has insurance. If that’s the case, we will need to file a claim with his policy instead of yours to avoid another claim on your record. Is there a name of a company on the truck itself?” Tracy asks.

“Let me see…” Pete answers. 

He walks over to the truck and looks at the door. A name and number is listed, so he provides that information to Tracy. 

“Just a moment while I look up that number, Pete. It’s called a DOT, and I can do a reverse search to find out which insurance company they have if they are insured. I’ll call you back in just a little bit.” 

Tracy finds out that Lucky Chuck’s Haul and Dump Inc. indeed has insurance. She calls Pete to let him know that he is insured, and stays on the phone by means of a three-way call to get a claim started for Pete. They file the claim under the policy issued to Lucky Chuck’s Haul and Dump. 

The story continues. Stay tuned for part 18 next week. 

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