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Attention Louisiana business owners seeking Gas Station Insurance in Lafayette: you can now obtain deals on the Lafayette Business Insurance you need at better rates than ever before!

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Insurance for Gas Stations Lafayette – Recap

Last time, Chad ransacked his bedroom and bathroom in order to put together a bag of essentials for living on the run. Just as he was finishing up, however, he noticed red and blue lights shining through his bedroom window.

Lafayette Corner Store Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 27

The lights of the police cars were unmistakable. Chad froze. His mind raced.

“What do I do now?” he screamed silently in his mind. “Do I run or do I hide?”

There was a loud knock at the front door below. Through the floorboards Chad could make out a muffled voice at the door.

“This is the police. Is anybody home?”

Chad panicked. He scrambled toward the door, stopped, turned around, scrambled toward the window, stopped, then scrambled toward the closet.

He stuffed himself into the side of the closet as best he could and hid behind his clothes and some old stuffed animals.

After a few moments, the knocking ceased. Another moment later, Chad was sure he heard footsteps walking back down the driveway, a car door opening, closing, an engine starting, and a car pulling away.

Chad held his breath for another 30 seconds before daring to make a sound.

When he didn’t hear anything more, he exhaled and thought to himself, “did I really just get away with that?”

Elated, he scooped up his bag of knickknacks and made for the door.

Did he get away with it? Find out in our next entry.

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